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We make engaging websites that really work

You want to get a high-conversion landing page for your startup. But you don’t have the right internal resources. You’ve tried design agencies, page builder services and Upwork, but the results just aren’t there.
We had launched 2 MarTech startups and have marketing and sales expertise to help you. Grow up your satrtup and get more investors and leads with an engaging marketing landing page.


Proven Formulas for High-Converting Landing Page

Pre-made solutions for getting visitors to take one specific action and collect more leads.

CMS and design support by subscription

Does everything change quickly in a startup? We know this, so we made monthly support, including designer and developer services.

You don't have to dive into the process to get the best result in 10 days

We know you have a lot of other tasks, and you need the best website without spending time and effort on your part.

Fill out a simple brief and get your amazing landing page

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Fill out a brief

Fill out a short brief to tell us about your product. This will help us find the best solution for you. After reviewing the brief, we will send you an invoice in Stripe.

Follow the progress

Track the progress of your website in Trello. You can contact the designer and the marketer on your project board: use Trello to send textual and graphical information and create new tasks for the Tocoway team.

Get a ready website in 10 days

You will receive the landing within 10 days from the date of payment. If you don't like something, you can set the task for revision. If you want to change something, no additional payments will be required.

After the final approval, we will connect your domain, set up all integrations, and provide access to the CMS.

We will support your site, and you will be able to set tasks for changes and new sections of the landing page in Trello.

Created by founders for founders

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Tocoway is backed by over 10 years of experience in marketing, sales, and web development. Our team has attracted 3 rounds of investments in our own startups. Our work was highly appreciated by such companies as Nvidia, YellowRockets (VC), 500Global, and Beeline. Based on our experience, we created Tocoway to help fellow entrepreneurs whose projects are currently at an early stage or in growth.

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Website with CMS & monthly design support

Save 25%
Billed monthly

Website development


onetime payment for
website development

Marketing structure of the landing page
Unique website design
Front-end development with responsive design
404 page
Lead capture forms
CMS system
Connecting your domain
Integration with third-party plugins and widgets
Creating a logo (optional)

* Special price. Regular price is $1900

Support (billed yearly)


monthly payment for website hosting & design support

Secure hosting
SSL certificate
24/7 access to CMS
2 hours of monthly designer and developer support. Usually this time is enough to make changes and refine the site. Additional designer and developer hours are charged an additional $40/hour.

This tariff allows you to save 25% by paying annually.

It is perfect for anyone who wants to regularly make changes to the site, either on their own or with the help of a designer.

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Do I have to pay extra for fonts or illustrations?

No. We use free fonts from the Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts libraries. And we create or purchase graphics ourselves for our clients' projects. But you can provide your branded fonts and purchased images if you want us to use them.

Can I order only a landing page without a subscription?

We can develop the site and transfer it to your Webflow account (or HTML&CSS files). In this case, the cost of the landing will be $1900.

What works on the site are included in the monthly subscription?

Any designer and developer services related to changing and improving your site are included. These are integrations with services, development of new sections, changes to existing components of the site, and creation of internal pages.

What is the benefit of an annual subscription?

With an annual subscription, you get a 25% discount on monthly support and save 52% on the cost of creating a site compared to ordering a website development without a subscription.

I want to make new pages on the site. Do I have to pay extra for this?

You can use the hours included in the subscription to create new pages.

How much does it cost to set up site integration with third-party plugins and widgets?

Not at all. We will set up integrations with the services you need for free.

Why do I need a support subscription if I have a CMS?

The CMS allows you to edit text fields, replace product images, and add similar content to existing sections of the site on your own (add a new post, a team member, testimonials, etc.). But if you need to set up integration with a new service, add a new section to the site, or change the view in existing components, you will need a specialist. As a rule, 2 hours of designer and developer services per month is enough to regularly keep the materials on your site up to date. This is convenient — you can set tasks on the board of your project in Trello, and receive completed work within 5 days.

If I don't use the services of designers and developers this month, will the unused hours be transferred to the balance of the next month?

No, the hours included in the subscription price cannot be added together. But we are attentive to our clients and can do part of the work for free as a loyalty.

I paid for an annual subscription, but I want to disable the service. Will I receive a refund?

The cost of one-time website development without a subscription is $1900. By choosing an annual subscription, you get a 52% discount on website development and a 25% discount on monthly support. Your payment was $1860, which is less than the base cost of $40. Therefore, a refund for an unused maintenance period is not available.

How can I pay for work beyond the time included in the subscription?

If the work goes beyond the subscription, we will warn you about the number of hours required and issue an invoice.

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